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Equipment for shooting smartphone video

Equipment for shooting smartphone video

Did you know that by the end of this year 70% of online content will be video?  Crazy right?  The way businesses communicate is changing rapidly, and we need to keep up.  If you’re dabbling or thinking of dipping your toe into creating video to market your business I have a list of equipment that will help you get started.

Really the only thing you need is your phone.  But there are a few extra bits and pieces you can get that will really make the difference between your footage looking amateur hour, or polished and professional.

  1. Tripod

You can get great little tripods just for your smartphone…because a nice steady shot looks waaaay better than a shaky one!

I really like this Gorilla pod:


It can stand on your desk or any flat surface, but its real advantage is its bendy legs.  It means the tripod can grip anywhere!  You could grip it on top of a larger tripod, your computer screen, a door handle – pretty much anywhere.

You can get cheaper ones online, just search for ‘smartphone tripod’ – but make sure your smartphone fits into the tripod head – sometimes you need a larger head if your phone is bigger than standard.

  1. Selfie stick

Really great if you’re recording videos of yourself talking on the fly, or even if you’re interviewing people out and about and don’t have the time or space to set up a tripod.  Little tip here is to keep your elbows tucked in when you’re holding it up, you’ll be much more stable than if you’re arms are extended out – let the stick do that for you!!

You can find these literally everywhere, but I quite like this place…


  1. Lapel microphone

The microphone quality is terrible on smartphones.  Recording outside with wind or traffic noise can sound terrible.  I always film inside where I can, with the phone as close to me as possible – OR use a lapel microphone.  This is a little mic that clips on to your lapel and will greatly increase your sound quality!!

I like and use this Rode one:


Again you can find cheaper ones out there – if you’re not sure how much you’ll use it maybe start with a cheaper one and work your way up.  You won’t regret having one of these though, you’ll be amazed at how much more professional your videos are with good sound!

  1. Directional microphone

If you don’t want to be hampered by cords you could look at getting one of these instead – although the sound quality won’t be quite as good as a lapel mic as it’s not going to be as close to your mouth.  Unfortunately these don’t work with iPhones either, now that they’ve removed the headphone jack!  But if you still have a headphone jack, these are a good option for you.


Hopefully that helps get you started.  As a busy business owner I know filming video needs to be super quick and easy for you!

If you’re interested to learn more I run workshops both online and in person.  In these workshops you’ll learn the basics of filming and editing, as well as how to be natural on camera, make engaging video, find the interesting stories in your business, and all the different types of videos you can make.

For details come visit at www.showandtellvideo.co.nz


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