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Rock Social Media Images

Rock Social Media Images

Three tools you can use to rock social media images!

Imagery is so important for social media.

Graphic designers are so important they get visuals and what makes us go – oh that’s pretty, that’s eye-catching. But with the fast-paced nature of social media and number of social media posts recommended we don’t always have the time or budget that comes with the liberty of employing a designer. Sometimes things have to be done fast or on a shoestring budget.


An online design tool – this is increasing in popularity!

It has heaps of templates of designs or you can start from scratch. It’s quite easy but of course, everything takes time to learn. Their designs are eye-catching or you can craft your own.

PLEASE don’t create your logo in there unless you want your logo to look the same another business. It’s worth the investment to get something unique that will stand the test of time.

Cons are that you can’t guarantee the print quality, could take some teething time to learn and that it can be quite generic.


Colour picker

This allows you to click on any image and get the colour code back. Great for personalising your designs in Canva!

It simple and easy to use and FREE.

The downside is I’m sure it’s not as accurate as I’m sure some design apps would be but it does a close enough job.


Clear cutting tool

It’s great to be able to clear cut images! You can then place them into a flatlay or onto another coloured background.

This tool again is free!

If you don’t have an image with a completely different coloured background or a low quantity resolution you might come a bit undone with this one.

But there you go! Three free tools to help you rock and create images for social media.


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