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Meet a Sprout Client

Meet a Sprout Client

Meet a Sprout Client

So I’m in line to the checkout desk at the airport, it’s late and I’m sweating, not because I’m nervous of flying (well actually I hate turbulence, but that’s another story). I’m sweating because I have a 6-month-old on my hip, our toddler in front of me and we are about to board a plane in two hours and it’s already past their bedtime.

A woman smiles in front of us kid-free and says that she’s going on her first holiday away from her kids and she’s missing them. I get it, but at the same time I would happily skip over and trade places with her. She asks to snuggle our 6-month-old boy and I hope I don’t seem to eager to hand him over, as I think of the hours to go in front of us. We make small talk in the long line again when we see them in the waiting lounge and on the plane. Lucky for us we arrive at our Island Paradise at 6 am, tired but no screaming children.

We bump into them often on the Island (it takes less than hour to circumnavigate the whole island) and chat they seem really nice and I tell her to look me up on Facebook. It doesn’t seem strange to me as I feel like I live on there and have a heap of client contacts on there, plus she seems cool.

Back at home and heart full of awesome memories a bit rested (travelling with the kids Grandparents is a great bonus). My phone dings and I have a friend request. She tells me that her and Husband thought I was an engineer I have a wee giggle – not even my lego houses stay together! She says it’s a bugger that they just redid their website as it would have been cool to work together. I see that she’s a hard-working teacher and owns a business too. Legend.

A while later she reaches out for social media help, she knows it important but doesn’t have the time. She’s got an innovative rural product and I say we would love to. I grew up on a farm and my parents still work in the rural industry. It’s important to us at Sprout Marketing that we get what makes your clients tick because otherwise, it’s a bit of guessing game and doesn’t make for great engagement on Facebook or being authentic to your brand.

Before we know it her page is booming, we have now grown her page followers (or likes) by 400%, growing her audience week on week is a pleasure and fun. We post regularly for them and of course and stay in touch and often end up chatting about kids and other parts of life. We are lucky that a lot of our clients feel like friends.

We run a competition for them and it goes crazy! The views are 16 times more than her current number of followers. Next minute she rings me to say a distributor in Australia has seen their product and wants to demo some. Her friend (who also has a rural product) had to pop together a massive proposal to this distributor to even get them to consider their own product. Winning. This customer now has distributors in Europe too! With some creative marketing and understanding of our client, we have created the ideal outcome. I love this story and its serendipitous feeling.

We would love to shout from the rooftops about this client but all social media clients at Sprout Marketing stay anonymous. We believe that we become apart of your brand and create authentic connections with your potential and current clients.

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